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In 2016 Riding Iceland organised one of the biggest riding adventures of all times in Iceland „ Around Vatnajökull“ 1000 km ride with 80 horses and 20 riding companions of different nationalities.  After the tour the idea came up to finish the quest and ride around Iceland with our guests !  

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Diamond Circle

Voted as one of top ten trails in the world by the Sunday Times! This tour introduces you to the wonders of the north. Following great riding trails through various landscapes of the northern countryside and highlands!

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Saltvík Comfort

Combine horseriding and sightseeing in the north just as you like. Go riding over the black beach and on the cliffs and/or visit Goðafoss waterfall, Ásbyrgi canyon and go whale watching!

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Towards the Midnight Sun

This ride takes us along the shore, visiting isolated areas “enjoying the edge of the Arctic”  where the midnight sun hovers at the horizon all night long!

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The big brother of all riding trails and tours in Iceland! Historical highland trail with a view over the big glaciers of Iceland. Only for very experienced riders!

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Autumn Colours

Enjoy the autumn colours and the thrill of experiencing wild horses coming home from the mountains in a herd of 500 horses!

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Horse Roundup

Final blow of Riding-Iceland tour calendar 2021 . Excellent riding trails in the northwest part of Iceland including 4 riding days trough mountain passings, valleys, riversides and beaches combined with the thrilling adventure of joining local horse farmers bringing their wild horses home from the summerfields in the mountains.

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Winter ride and Northern Lights

Winter adventure, northern lights and riding on ice. Join us on this tour and experience the winter wonderland. 

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This tour is operated by Íshestar

On this unique highland adventure, you will ride on the oldest trail in Iceland which lies across the island, between two of our biggest and most impressive glaciers. Experience our stunning country while riding across the heart of Iceland.

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Wonders of the Highlands

This tour is operated by Íshestar

Glaciers, mountains, black deserts, hot springs and glacier rivers. On this tour, you get to see and experience the best things Iceland has to offer. You will cross rivers and ride alongside a lava field into the mountain range of Kerlingarfjöll.

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Day tours

We offer day tours from Saltvík farm for riders of all experience levels. These daytours vary from 1 to 5 hours and are suitable for those who have never ridden a horse before, as well as for very experienced riders. 

Trails follow the coastline of Skjálfandi Bay, with beautiful views over the ocean.  If you’re in the north of Iceland for a short visit and would like to take a short riding tour, please check out Saltvík website.

Suprise yourself

Our tour selection for 2021 includes new and exciting challenges aside from our solid bestsellers! Due to Covid 19 situation Riding - Iceland guarantees a full refund of all new bookings made for tours 2021 in case of possible travel restrictions.!

The Experience

Riding Iceland tours are designed to follow the ancient riding trails that have served people to travel across the country ever since the first settlement of Iceland. We will come across perfect riding tracks that allow you to enjoy your horse tölting at full speed – a cheering and overwhelming feeling on its own.

Your new friends

It is almost impossible to participate in a Riding Iceland tour without knitting very close and lasting friendships both with men and horses. Together you will face the different challenges of the day and together you will solve them.

Diamond Circle - A Real Gem
Spent 12 glorious days in Iceland, including riding the Diamond Circle Tour in Northern Iceland. Saltvik Farm is wonderful and made the riding tour everything it could be & more. Comfortable accommodations, delicious meals the friendliest staff & not to go without saying amazing horses. We rode through some of the most beautiful areas of Iceland that many can only dream of and pictures can not do justice to. Already planning a return trip for next year!!!
Midnight sun Tolt-ally American
Best time so much fun. A once in a life time adventure. Food was fantastic. The group we had. The horses. The staff wonderful!!!!!
Another Best Of The Bucket List To Accompish
You ride Icelandic horses each day for 5-6 days and enjoy incredible scenery, wonderful cuisine and learn about the land of fire and ice from the super nice Icelandic folks that lead the tours. You will want to come again and again to ride the various tours they offer, each one different from the last as you blaze new and old trails from one campsite to another.
Diamond Tour Riding Iceland
Just returned from a week of riding Icelandic horses in north Iceland. It was an amazing experience, seeing the beauty of interior Iceland. The Saltvik team was amazing, from the horses to the food. Thank you Bjarni, Elsa, Hannah and all!
Riding within herd of spirited horses thru ancient landscape
Riding in a sense of the wild on sure footed, spirited horses through raw beauty of landscape. Herd was skillfully yet casually guided. Guides and riders developed genuine caring companionship. Deeply moved in sharing this experience with husband and adult daughter. Came home to our own Icelandic horses as a much improved rider.

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