About Riding Iceland

Riding Iceland tours are designed to follow the ancient riding trails that have served people travelling across the country ever since the settlements of Iceland. Experienced guides, excellent horses and care for each individual guest are our commitments and pride. 

Important factor on our tours are the bonds formed with the horses and forever friendships made between fellow riders. Travelling together through often challenging Icelandic nature and experiencing all the wonders of a Riding Iceland Tour is a lifetime experience. 

Home Base of Riding Iceland is at Saltvík farm in north Iceland. At Saltvík farm Riding Iceland’s trail horses live outside in a big herd during the winter and most of our northern trails are starting and ending at the farm.


Please meet the Riding Iceland team below! 

Our ‘agents’ are good friends with a lot of knowledge about our tours because they’re all riding with us for many years already and are coming back to join us as wranglers as often as possible. If you feel more comfortable to first speak to one of them before you contact us directly (info@ridingiceland.is) or book online, feel free to contact them. All do of course speak english, as well as the language of the country they are from.

Bjarni Páll

CEO & tourguide, agent for IS

Bjarni Páll and his family at Saltvík farm are the owners of Riding Iceland. The family has been operating riding tours since 1992. Bjarni is guiding many of the Riding Iceland tours every summer and likes life pure and simple in the highlands of Iceland with his horses and friends.

For email in Icelandic use: bjarni@ridingiceland.is


Sales & tourguide / wrangler
Agent for NL/BE

Mieke came first to Iceland as a tourist, riding Sprengisandur tour. Here she met Bjarni and in 2003 she came back to work on Saltvík farm and help during tours. She has been back every year during summers since then and moved to Iceland in 2019 to work for Riding Iceland.

For email in Dutch use: mieke@saltvik.is


Finance/ Accounting


Tourguide / wrangler

Iðunn is daughter of Bjarni and has been riding on tours with her father ever since she can remember. Right now she is studying tourism and business administration. Her biggest passions are being outside in the Icelandic nature in good company.

Sigrún Anna


Sigrún is the youngest daughter of Bjarni and has been riding all her life. At young age she was already joining her father over the tough trail of Sprengisandur to the south and back again. She is still in school but rides tours all summer as a wrangler.



Binni is an experienced tourguide, biologist and a storyteller by nature!


Tourguide / wrangler

Gulli and his wife Hanna have been helping out on Riding Iceland tours for years as guides and Wranglers.


Tourguide / wrangler

Palli is an experienced tourcguide and horseman, he will be guiding Dream tour parts II, III and IV.

Gunnar Óli

Driver / Tourguide / Wrangler

Gunnar Óli lives on a farm close to Saltvík and has horses and sheep there. He helps with a lot of different tasks at Riding Iceland, but in summer one will meet him most likely as the dedicated driver, and possibly as a tourguide or wrangler.

Lisa & Mark

Agents for USA, wranglers


Agent for DE/AT/NL/FR, wrangler


Agent for NO, wrangler


Agent for SE, wrangler


Agent for DE/CH/AT, wrangler


Agent for DK, wrangler


Agent for LUX/BE/FR, tour guide, wrangler


Agent for UK/NL, wrangler




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